Our Story

Femme DU Coupe is a Chicago based bar-styling company that is centered around making cocktails and the art of mixology accessible anywhere, bringing to life styled bar concepts in restaurants, bars, event spaces, weddings, and homes.

Revae Schneider, the Proprietress of Femme DU Coupe got her start with a career in fashion and personal styling, but found her place behind the bar in 2008, gaining valuable experience at Gilt Bar Chicago and Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar, realizing that crafting a cocktail was just like composing the perfect ensemble. Her unique perspective lead her to the philosophy that:

Every girl knows when you have your favorite dress on and that sexy pair of heels that you’re happier, more confident, and maybe a little bit bolder than you would be on an everyday basis. Your favorite cocktail should evoke those same emotions and that same gut feeling, although you can’t always share your little black dress with your girlfriends, your favorite cocktail anyone can try on for size! Everyone should know how to make something that provides that kind of enjoyment.